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John Carlson Promoted to President

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Hammers Construction Inc., a multi-disciplined construction firm based in Perham, MN, is pleased to announce the promotion of John Carlson to President. This promotion follows Carlson's exemplary career of nearly two decades with HCI. HCI’s board of directors and Joe Hammers, CEO, made the announcement.

Carlson joined HCI in 2004 after graduating from Perham High School and the University of Minnesota with a Construction Management degree. Within two years, he was leading HCI’s _______(dept) as _______(title), and by _______(year), was heading up HCI’s _______(dept) as _________(title). In 2017, Carlson was promoted to _____(title) where he has since been responsible for HCI’s _________(responsibilites).

“John's leadership across the organization positions us to exceed our clients’ expectations as we grow and advance the firm,” said CEO Joe Hammers. “I am confident that in this new role he will drive our strategic plan forward and continue to strengthen HCI.”

Carlson is a registered professional engineer and a certified construction manager.

Being active in supporting the betterment of the industry and his community has always been a priority for Carlson, with his most recent contribution being ________. Carlson is also a longstanding member of ________, the ________, and the ________. Previously, Griffith served as board member for the _________(industry group).

About Hammers Construction

Founded in 1956, Hammers Construction Inc. is ranked among the top 50 construction firms in the country by Metallic Buildings based on square footage constructed. HCI offers commercial, industrial, and agricultural construction services and land development services to private and public-sector clients nationwide. For more information, visit

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