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John Carlson



(218) 346-2195


John has been with us for nearly 20 years as a Project Manager, Senior Estimator, Pre-Construction Manager, and now our company President.  He's like furniture around here.  He's also the best beard grower we have...arguably!

Get To Know John Carlson

Who is your role model in this industry and why?

"Not sure I have ever thought of that. Andrew Carnegie perhaps. The US would not be where it is without the steel industry he started. Then his philanthropy utilizing the funds to continue the greater good of American expansion."

You just found $20 million buried in your back yard.  How do you spend the next 15 minutes?

"Hiring a lawyer."

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in this field?

"Make sure you get some early hands-on experience in the field ‘swinging a hammer’. It will be useful whether you stick in that trade or pursue a different career in the field."

If I'm planning to build in 2-3 years, what should I be doing today?

"Designing it. You’ll change it many times and still wish you did things differently."

What is an early project you worked on for HC and what do you remember about it?

"Team Industries DL expansion 2004. First experience walking the high iron was a little unsettling."

Who grows the best beard at Hammers Construction?  Who shows potential?

"Me.  Andrew isn’t far behind."

What are the best perks of your job?

"Flexibility when needed. Put your hours in but also make sure family is taken care of."

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